Welcome To The Fools Puppet
Theatre Companie

Early puppetry for your delight. Book us for your special event, historical re-creation, party, museum, fete, school, WI, festival.

We follow the tradition of a transportable booth as used by street performers through the ages. We have a large authentic tent which provides shelter for small audiences and room to play games of chance and perform magic tricks and dancing. All the shows are performed to live music played on the Wheel Fiddle (Hurdy Gurdy) by the story teller.

Our puppets and equipment are made by ourselves. The materials we use are as close as we can get to being authentic to the periods in which we perform. Garments are wool, felt or linen. Heads are wooden, clay or linen masse.

Our stories are based on ancient themes. Some of the stories are our own and others were collected from storytellers and used with their permission. All of our stories which do not have a seasonal theme are based around love and folklore. They also feature food and trickery which were important facets of life in those times.

The tales can be adapted to suit the occasion and the audience before us.

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